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Memory problems can be scary.

Whether it is you, someone you know, or someone you love, it can be hard to know what options there are and what steps to take. We here at Memory Matters understand this dilemma, and our mission is to support you throughout this journey.

Support is vital for the caregivers of persons with memory problems.

We provide:

  • Support Groups
  • Memory Screenings
  • Individual Consultation

We have been the community’s primary source of information about memory problems for over 20 years.

Resources we can help with are:

  • Speakers Bureau
  • Illness Related Memory Loss Materials
  • Workshops
  • Partnerships with local subject matter experts who can help educate on topics such as estate planning, emergency preparedness and selecting long term care just to name a few!

Social opportunities are often diminished when there is a diagnosis of dementia.
We provide social gatherings and activities for persons with memory problems, their caregivers, family, and friends.  Visit our calendar to learn more!

View local resources online to assist you and point you in the direction you need to go.

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