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Memory problems can be scary.  It can be hard to know what to do if you think there is a problem or have been diagnosed with one. Memory Matters is here to support you and your family, no matter where you are along the illness related memory loss journey!


Support is vital for the caregivers of persons with memory problems.

  • Support Groups
  • Memory Screenings
  • Individual Consultations

We have been the community’s
primary source of information about memory problems for over 20 years.

  • Speakers Bureau
  • Printed Materials
  • Workshops

Social opportunities are often
diminished when there is a diagnosis of dementia.

We provide social gatherings and activities for persons with memory problems, their caregivers, family, & friends.  Check out our calendar of events to learn more, today!


Caring for someone with a memory disorder can be difficult and isolating. The purpose of a support group is to offer an opportunity for caregivers and others to share personal experiences and ideas and to provide moral support.
Memory Matters offers a number of scheduled groups throughout the month. For the specific dates of Caregiver Connections meetings visit our events page or sign up for our mailing list to receive a detailed listing of all activities at

We are a registered screening site for this national program. We provide free, confidential memory screenings to anyone with memory concerns. A memory screening is an accepted tool, but does not provide a medical diagnosis. Call our office at (912) 264-0777 to make an appointment. For more information on the National Memory Screening Program, click here

Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to about the volumes of information available, and the confusion about how to best help a loved one with memory problems. While we cannot replace the advice of physicians or therapists, we have extensive experience in navigating these issues, and in helping caregivers see options to consider. Call our office at (912) 264-0777 for an appointment.

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As part of our mission to educate the community about the various types of memory problems, the Community Relations Coordinator and Board members are available to speak to groups about Memory Matters and our mission. There is no fee for speaking engagements, but honoraria and contributions are gratefully accepted. Contact us to arrange for a speaker.

Our Resource Center at Memory Matters House includes information for caregivers, medical professionals, and anyone seeking information about dementia. Brochures, booklets, and other handouts are available free of charge. In addition to information on diseases causing dementia, there is information on Medicare/Medicaid, financial planning, elder law, general healthcare consumerism, and literature from other agencies relevant to eldercare. The Resource Center also consists of books and reference materials that are available to borrow.

We can provide in-service programs for staff at Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Home Health Agencies on Alzheimer’s Disease, Successful Interaction with Persons with Memory Problems, and other topics. We are able to develop training to meet the specific needs of your agency. Call our office at (912) 264-0777 to arrange for training.


Often social opportunities are limited when there is a memory problem. Friends are not sure what to do or say so often they will avoid interaction. Public areas may cause anxiety for persons with dementia so families will steer clear of situations that may cause confusion or embarrassment. Having a non-clinical venue for social interaction that is attended by others who understand and are facing similar circumstances is vital. We provide a variety of events throughout the year including parties, musical programs, and couples events. Check our calendar for planned programs, or call us for more information.

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There are numerous community resources that may be of benefit. We maintain information about these agencies and services at Memory Matters and will be happy to help you find and contact the ones that best meet your needs. We have numerous contacts and can often research to provide you with any additional information you need. You may reach us by phone or e-mail.