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Memory Matters was founded as Alzheimer’s of Glynn/Brunswick in 1994. In 2016 we expanded our mission to include all forms of adult onset memory impairment and renamed the organization Memory Matters.

We are a local independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with the national Alzheimer’s Association or their Coastal Georgia Regional Office located in Savannah.

Memory Matters House, located at 2803 Sherwood Drive, Brunswick, Georgia.

Memory Matters started in a spare bedroom in 1993. Support and education for family members and caregivers of memory problems were simply ideas in the heads of Judy Hardek, Dale Tushman, and the late Louise Rodormer. They were soon joined by Darlene Wymes and Sharron Olson and the five, all of whom had experience in treating patients and their families, set about building an organization that would serve this unfilled need in the community.

Their first decision was that the organization would be independent of national ties so that all donations and funding would be used to benefit the local community. The second decision was that the primary goals would be education and support. They would teach anyone about dementia, coping strategies, medication, the need for support for caregivers, and about other community resources. They didn’t know how they would accomplish any of this, but declared that they would ”leap whatever tall buildings got in our way as we worked towards these goals.”

The following year they incorporated and eventually found a permanent home for the organization. Over the next two decades many other talented and resourceful people joined in picking up the reins and moving forward. Their successes have always been because of a very close-knit team effort, an effort that has significantly contributed to making Glynn County a better place in which to live.

Board of Directors

Eric Friedrich II, President
Dr. Mike Cordle, Vice President
Dr. Gail Cowan, Secretary
Kelly Trowbridge, LCSW
Hilary Kent
Kelley Royer
Maggie Glennon
John Hartland
Jane Lafferty
Yolanda Neely
Julie Andrew Sharpe


Melissa O’Halloran, Executive Director
Ayla Wilson, Program and Activities Administrator


Dr. Scott Clay
Robert M. Cunningham, Esq.

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